A Note On Motherhood

Motherhood: When the accomplishment of one week without potty accidents is swallowed up in exasperation that the toddler just dumped liquid ant bait on the rug. But the exasperation is overturned because he just TOLD YOU when he needed to go to the bathroom, and actually did it!!! But now the baby is throwing up, and the toddler just ran through it. And while you mop up, the baby empties your wallet. But look, the baby just took several steps on his own! And the toddler is doing the worm in the nude, yelling, "Nakey bum! Nakey bum!" which is one of the funniest things you've ever seen. And whew-y, the toddler is in bed, you're coming down the home stretch...but now you've been barfed on again.

Motherhood, an emotional obstacle course, a cacophony of discordant experiences in which you ricochet through elation, despair, hilarity, shock, frustration, nostalgia, disappointment, adoration, anxiety, pride, desperation, determination, heartache, and joy. There's no telling which turn the ride will take next, but you always know where it will stop: utter exhaustion.


...and some photos of the boys and me on Mother's Day: